5 Ways to Increase your Cell Phone Battery Life Android

increase your cell phone battery life

How do I increase my cell phone battery life? This is one of the most common questions all of us ask today. We ask for faster processors, bigger and brighter screens, and a smarter, more intelligent operating system while at the same time not wanting to carry around a brick. There is only so much battery you can fit inside a smart phone, so you need to come up with ways to help your phone last throughout the day without having to continually keep it connected to the charger. So what are ways to increase your cell phone battery life? Try out the tips below to help increase your phones battery life.

increase your cell phone battery life

 1. Understand what is consuming you battery. Android devises provide the ability to understand what is consuming your battery. You will see what percentage of battery life is being consumed in descending order. As you understand what applications are consuming your battery life, you can make decisions on turning off specific features or uninstalling applications that you do not use. You can see this under Settings -> Battery

increase your cell phone battery life

2. Lower your phones brightness and turn off auto brightness. Your phone screen usually consumes between 25- 40% of your battery life. You will be surprised by the amount of battery life you save by turning down the brightness of your phone screen and turning off your phones auto brightness function. You can changes this is under Settings -> Display -> Brightness

increase your cell phone battery life3. Use power saving mode. Almost all Android devices today come with a Power saving mode built into the phone. By enabling power saving mode your phone can control different features of your phone to save power. This is a simple step that can really help improve your cell phones battery life.

increase your cell phone battery life

4. Turning off radios you don’t use. Keeping the GPS, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth on when you are not using them will have a major effect on your phones battery life. When these features are turned on your phone continues to search for connections. Most of us do not need these features on all day. Only turn on these features when you need to use them. You can turn these off by dragging down the notification bar and selecting which features you would like turned off.

increase your cell phone battery life5. Kill apps that you are not using. Many of us do not turn off applications that we have recently used, which causes these applications continue to run throughout the day. As the day goes on, more and more applications are open and running in the background. By killing these applications you are not allowing them to be run when you are not using it. You can do this by opening your application manager (done on most android devices by holding down the home button) and selecting the trash button or swiping the application from left to right.

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  1. Debbe Reply

    Great tips, especially the auto-brightness. Thought enabling that was a battery saver. Who knew? Thanks.

    • Ryan Egan Ryan Egan Reply

      Thanks for your comment Debbe. Auto-brightness is definitely a life-saver. As are Lifesavers 😉

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