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One of the most exciting times of the year is here. The Electronics Entertainment Expo kicks off tomorrow, buit today all of the large gaming companies make their major announcements in big press releases. Microsoft is sure to make some heavy hitter announcements today. Watch the livestream below courtesy of Twitch:

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Stuck at work without the ability to watch the video? We’ll keep you updated below:

  • A new trailer for Halo 5 was shown – Master Chief going rogue?
  • Recore is an exclusive new Xbox One title. A trailer was shown – seems to be a first person shooter.
  • Xbox One will be receiving Xbox 360 backward compatibility!
    • Will be available for everyone this holiday
    • A select number of titles available now to previewers
    • You will not be charged for Xbox 360 games that you already own
  • The Xbox Elite controller is announced touting
    • Hair triggerrs
    • Better accuracy
    • Modular components
    • Customization
    • Paddles (Similar to FPS controller mods on the Xbox controllers.)
    • Minitriggers
  • Fallout 4 Demoed – Graphics are a big improvement, but nothing mind blowing
    • Aspects of the open world and ability to meet people in the world demonstrated
    • First person combat demonstrated
    • New Laser Musket demoed where you crank the gun and let it lose
    • Main character shown in a type of mech suit firing a railgun
    • Mods for Fallout created on the PC will be playable on the Xbox One
  • Peter Moore COO of Electronic Arts takes the stage
    • EA Access is only $5 per month
    • Madden NFL 16 will be released on August
    • EA Access will allow you to play EA’s newest releases before anyone else
    • TitanFall and Dragon Age Inquisition are joining EA Access this week
    • EA Access members get 10% off on EA games in the Xbox Store
    • All Xbox Live Gold Members will get access to EA Access games all week for free
    • World Premiere trailer of Plants Versus Zombies Garden Warfare two announced and displayed
  • Forza 6 – Showing the GT vehicle on stage being brought back for its 50th anniversary – (Sick Wheels!)
    • Henry Ford III and Dan Greenwaldtakes the stage to show off Forza y
    • Trailer being shown – Gorgeous close up shots of the Ford GT being shown on screen
      • Graphics are breathtaking
      • 26 world famous location
      • 1080P 60FPS
      • 24 car multiplayer
      • Releae Date September 15th, 2015
  • A world premiere trailer is shown for Dark Souls III
  • A trailer is shown for Tom Clancy’s the Division
  • Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six: Siege trailer is shown
    • Will be released on October 13th, 2015
  • Trailer for Free to Play Xbox and Windows game is shown
    • Beta this August
    • Multiplayer Cel Shaded game
  • A compilation of indie games are being shown together in a trailer to show Microsoft’s support to Indies
    • Chris Charla takes the stage to show the 1,000 developers working on indie games for both Xbox and PC
    • Steve Gaynor from Fullbright (Gone Home) takes the stage to show Tacoma (Their next game) – Looks like a sci-fi first person game
    • Another Indie Dev takes the stage to show off their new game Ashen – Unique cartoon like graphics shown in a fantasy environment
    • Sherida Halatoe takes the stage to show Beyond Eyes – Main character is a blind girl who has to use her other senses to discover the world. Trailer shown with in game footage
      • Very bright and colorful world shown with the blind girl slowly exploring and getting attached by a wolf
    • Another Indie game named “Cuphead” shown as a cartoon like side scroller.
      • Kind of reminds me of Megamna like gameplay
      • The main character looks like Mickey with an open skull (like a cup)
  • Microsoft shows of Xbox Game Preview. The following games will be added to the Xbox Game Previous:
    • The Long Dark (Available later today)
    • Shelter
    • Elite Dangerous (Available later today for download)
    • DayZ
  • Dean Hall, Director of Day Z, takes the stage
    • “I want a game that is a universe”
    • Explains that those a part of Xbox Game Preview and PC will be able to help govern the future of the game “Ion”
    • Ion is their next title in development – Trailer shown
      • Set in a space environment
  • Brian Horton takes the stage from Crystal Dynamic to show off the Xbox Exclusive Tomb Raider set to be released Holiday of this year
    • Gameplay footage shown
    • Laura’s beautiful hair physics still in the trailer
    • Laura is climbing a wall of ice with ice picks
    • Takes a giant leap
    • Falls off the mountain but is saved by her partner
    • He is swinging her to the ledge
    • She climbs up to safety
    • Avalanche is coming – They’re going to die…
    • Running Away in an epic Uncharted Style chase
    • She made it and is Alive! Stuck in the forest in the freezing cold
    • Looks like this is not all taking place in the snow – Jungle shown
  • A bunch of banners showing classic titles from Rare – Perfect Dark, Conker’s Bad Fur Day, Etc…
  • Rare Replay announced which brings 30 classic Rare Games back for $30 for Xbox One
    • To be released August 30th, 2015
  • Craig Duncan takes the stage to announce a newXbox One exclusive Rare Game coming to Xbox touting it as Rare’s most ambitious game
    • World Premiere trailer shown for their new game
    • Real Time gameplay footage shown
      • Gorgeous lushous jungle environment shown with almost cel-shaded graphics
      • Pirate Ship and pirates shown navgating the seas in a ship (Monkey Island anyone?)
      • Ship battles displayed (I feel like I’m playing Assassin’s Creed 4: Black Flag)
      • Game name: Sea of Thieves
  • Xbox One Exclusive Trailer shown – Fable Legends
    • Fantastical world with elf-like characters and fairies
    • Free to Play for PC and Xbox One – Coming this Holiday season
    • Game is unified across PC and Xbox One
  • Announced a relationship with Valve VR to make Windows the Best VR platform
  • Microsoft Hololens shown how it will change the world of gaming (My prediction has just come true.)
    • Showing a new version of Minecraft made for the Hololens
    • Shown playing Minecraft on a virtual screen on the wall
    • The Minecraft world was just created in 3d on the table as a hologram! (Holy mother of pearl this is cool.)
    • Can manipulate the Minecraft world with hand gestures
    • Voice Controls in Minecraft shown using lightning bolts to ignite TNT
  • Rod Fergusson takers the stage to announce Gears of War Ultimate Edition – August 25th, 2015 release date – Public Beta available today.
  • World Premiere trialer being shown – 3rd person game – Could this be a new Gears of War?
    • Definitely Gears of War – He just pulled out his chainsaw – They are running from a tornado
    • Revealed as Gears of War 4 coming Holiday 2016
  • Phil Spencer takes back the stage to discuss the Microsoft Exclusive lineup
  • This summer will bring new features from Xbox Live to Windows 10 when released July 29th

Incredible show wrapping up with a trailer showing all the games and announcements.

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