How to Watch Amazon Instant Video on Android Tablet

Amazon Instant Video

So, you have Amazon Prime and love the free two-day shipping. Along with the two-day shipping, Amazon Prime members also get to watch unlimited Amazon Instant Video. This allows you to watch a large variety of movies and TV shows. There are many that you can watch for free and others that you will need to pay for. Outside of watching Amazon Instant Video on your computer, Amazon also allows members to watch  TV shows on select TV’s, phones, and tablets. You can view the full list compatible devices here.

If you glanced at the list of compatible devices, you may have noticed that there are no Android tablets listed. Sadly, Amazon Instant Video is not available on Android tablets, but don’t worry! We will show you how you can still enjoy that Instant Video goodness on your shiny Android tablet.

Follow these easy steps and you will be watching Amazon instant video on your Android tablet in no time:

1. Download Dolphin Browser on Android Tablet from the Google Play Store

2. Download Flash Player from XDA Developers or click here

3. Open Dolphin Browser 

4. Go to Amazon Instant Video and Log into your Account

5. Press the Dolphin Icon on the Menu bar (Top of the Screen)


6. Select Settings


7. Select Customize


8. Select User Agent


9. Select Desktop


10. Go back to Settings menu and Select Web Content 


11. Select Flash Player


12. Select On demand or Always on


13. Reload Amazon and watch away!

You should now be able to watch Amazon Instant Video on your Android tablet. While this should work more most Android tablets, we cannot guarantee that this will work for all.

If you do encounter any issues or have any questions, feel free to collaborate in the comment section below or fill out our contact us page. We really do contact you back.

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  3. J-Man Reply

    There is no list of compatible devices at the link you provided. It provides information for PHONES and WATCHES only; nothing about tablets.

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