The Apple Watch According to the Layman

Apple Watch

It’s no mystery that the Apple Watch is one of the biggest tech releases of the year. Apple has poured millions of dollars into R&D (Research and Development) to create what Tim Cook calls, “The first smartwatch that matters” The review embargo has been lifted and the public can finally check out the Apple Watch for themselves at Apple Stores. (Although it is not officially released to the public until April 24th.) Critical reviews thus far have been mostly favorable with many claiming it took some time to warm up to the device and get past the initial learning curve. While reviews from critics have been mostly positive, now that the smart watch is accessible by the public, what does the layman think of Apple’s latest device? We’ve dug through the tropical jungle of Twitter and compiled some of our favorite remarks surrounding Apple’s new timepiece.

One of the first things that many people are pointing out is just how well crafted the Apple Watch is:

However, not everyone has been completely blown away by the Apple Watch’s design. One user pointed out that Apple is hiding the bulk of the device by placing the watch band mid-device as opposed to at the bottom:

Classically, you have to have a jealous and bitter Android fanboy to bash on Apple’s design as well:


A number of people are taken back by the specs and features of the device. Send a friend your heartbeat? One such person is excited about such a prospect:

However, opinions on the device have really been across the board from the layman’s perspective. Many expressed coming away from the Apple Watch “experience” underwhelmed:

Then, you have the classic technophile expecting Apple to adopt Android’s methodology of complete user customization: 

One future marriage may be doomed as a result of the Apple Watch’s intense appeal:

Finally, you can’t have a new product release without a few conspiracy theorists:

Overall, the opinions seem to be pretty mixed across the board. However as with everything, those who have negative experiences are typically far more vocal than those with a positive experience. Plus, with the Apple Watch only being on the market for one day, most are probably too distracted and enamored with their new device to be posting positive comments about it on social media.

The true indicator of the Apple Watch’s success will be sales. The Apple Watch is currently sold out and orders placed today are not likely to be fulfilled until June. However, many are speculating that Apple is creating artificial demand by keeping a low supply of the device to keep the hype wagon moving forward. It seems to be working as many are coming away from the Apple Watch “experience” wanting to put in an order of their own. Sheer numbers will not be able to lie once Apple begins dropping statistics.

What are your thoughts on the Apple Watch? Have you had a chance to try one out yet. If so, let us know what you think in the comments below.

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