Simply Watch This YouTube Video and We’ll Donate to Two Boys With Mitochondrial Disease


Please watch and share to show how technology can make a difference in these boys’ lives.

How you can help these two struggling twins with Mitochondrial Disease by donating a couple minutes of your day:

1. Please watch and share this video.

(100% of YouTube advertising is being donated to their cause for 20 million views)

(The above ad is also being donated to them. Please do not falsely click the advertisement.)


Total Views: 5,474

2. Please share this video using the links below the post to increase the donations to Nick and Nate.

Donate Directly

If you are looking to go above and beyond, you can donate directly to Nick and Nate through the following channels:

  1. Make a deposit to the Nick & Nate Donation Fund at any Wells Fargo location. 
  2. Mail your donation with check made out to Nick & Nate Donation Fund to:

15001 S. 40th Place
Phoenix, AZ 85044

Or, donate via Paypal using the “Donate” button below (Sorry for the space, but the button won’t work without it):



Interview with the family:

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4 comments on “Simply Watch This YouTube Video and We’ll Donate to Two Boys With Mitochondrial Disease”

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    • Ryan Reply

      We should make that more clear, you type in N&N and hit the plus sign. It won’t pop up. Within the next week it will be automatic, and you won’t have to select anything, but Adora is still working on the tracking for this initiative.

      Even if you don’t type N&N money will still be donated to Nick and Nate it just won’t be as much.

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