To Match Apple’s Sex Appeal, Samsung Teases “Six Appeal”


Galaxy S6

Samsung continues to rally the media and their fans alike by teasing more visuals to generate speculation and hype. Today, on both T-Mobile’s and AT&T’s websites, Samsung has placed a teaser image that simply says “Six Appeal.” This is no doubt in preparation to announce Samsung’s flagship device, the Galaxy S6. The image shows a curved edge, similar to the Galaxy Note Edge which uses the touch sensitive curved edge to better display notifications and enable quick phone interaction. This confirms earlier rumors that the Galaxy S6 could come in an Edge version.

This teaser image comes a week before Mobile World Congress 2015 starting March 1st where Samsung is expected to officially announce the device. Samsung is taking some pages out of Apple’s playbook in terms of design to match the “sex appeal” that Apple’s iPhones are well-known for. 

In fact if we remember back to 2010, a controversial study of 1,500 women was done in the UK by a company known as Phones4U. In that study, 54% of respondents said they were more likely to date a man if he owned an Apple device. This study shows that the phone you choose can have an impact on people’s perception of you. Apple has capitalized on this social factor as a major part of their marketing scheme. The company has long been famous for their attention to detail in designing and delivering a device that people want. 

According to a strong inference (speculation) from the teaser video that Samsung recently released, the company will be ditching the Galaxy’s long-standing plastic body for a sleek metallic encasements to match Apple’s (and other competitor’s) modern designs. In addition to being metal, there has been much speculation around the recent teaser video released by Samsung. You can view the video and read our full thoughts on it here.

What do you think of Samsung’s potential design changes? Do you think it will help them catch up with Apple in terms of the device’s “sex appeal?” Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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