How to Connect Bluetooth Devices on Windows 8


Windows 8

With computers getting smaller, the number of available ports are starting to disappear. If you don’t believe me, just look at the recently revealed MacBook. Less ports makes it more important than ever to utilize Bluetooth technology.

There are a number of devices that use Bluetooth such as speakers, wireless mouses, and cell phones are a just a few examples. So, how do you connect a Bluetooth device to a computer running Windows 8? We will walk you through it!

1. Select PC Settings under your Apps

Windows 8

2. Select PC and Devices

Windows 8.1

3. Select Bluetooth

Windows 8

4. Switch the bar to On under Bluetooth

Windows 8.3

5. Let computer scan for nearby devices

6. Put your bluetooth device into discovery if necessary

7. Select the device you would like to connect

8. Select Pair

Windows 8.4

Your chosen device should now be connected to your computer via Bluetooth. Keep in mind that some devices require you select a connect button on the device in order for it to be “discovered”. Carefully read the instructions on your device to see if this is required. 

As always, we do not expect you to encounter any problems while trying to connect your device to your computer using Bluetooth. However, if you do have trouble, be sure to let us know in the comment section below. 


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