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SmashCast 23.5: Farewell Fair Friends

The SmashCast: Episode 23.5       Get ready for episode 23.5 of The SmashCast! In this podcast, we wave a farewell as the podcast is going on hiatus until further notice. We discuss the Apple Watch’s faulty hardware, LG’s new smartphone, and Google’s latest strike at Apple in the smartphone war. Here is a preview […]

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The SmashCast: Episode 2

The SmashCast: Episode 2       Ok smashers, it’s time for episode 2 of The SmashCast! In this episode, we will talk about ApplePay and Google Wallet being disabled, Amazon’s latest announcement: the FireStick, HP’s stylish smart-watch the HP Chronowing, and Google’s latest developments in health technology. We even feature a fellow smasher’s question […]

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