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Sony E3 Press Conference Wrap-up

E3 is here and there have been some exciting announcements thus far. Bethesda kicked things off for us this morning and Sony closed the day out for us. So what exciting news did Sony reveal for us? Lets find out! Dreams Sony announced that Media Molecule (creators of LittleBigPlanet) will be releasing a new game titled […]

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Microsoft 2015 E3 Press Conference Review

The most common questions after every major E3 press conferences are: “How was the overall conference?” and “Who had the best conference?” While we still have yet to see Sony and Nintendo’s press conferences, this morning Microsoft pulled out quite a few punches with their press conference. Was it their best press conference ever? Possibly. Read […]

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Square Creates Apple Pay Reader

WWDC15 has been full of excitement as Apple announces a number of interesting changes. Today, we saw a unique push for Apple Pay as Square revealed its new contactless chip reader. While this new reader accepts Apple Pay and payments through other NFC compatible devices, Square is definitely marketing this reader for Apple Pay. We might […]

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WWDC Apple Rumor Round-Up

Apple’s annual World Wide Developer’s Conference is next week. As always, there are a number of rumors and leaks that make the headlines. Many are juicy, others… not so much. You probably don’t want to have to dig around, so we’ve compiled the best of them for you in this article. Enjoy! The Death of […]

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