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Verizon Announces Partnership with Vice

Verizon announced it’s new partnership with Vice Media to add youth-oriented content to its lineup of programs. This addition is a part of Verizon’s mobile first video service that is expected to be released this year. According to Verizon’s website, Vice and Verizon have come to terms on a multi-year partnership that will allow Verizon […]

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Exclusive Interview with Smilegate on Stove

Smilegate is a company that wears many hats in the technology space. You may be familiar with one of their subsidiaries, Smilegate Entertainment, for their hit shooter, Crossfire. The Korean based company has quite a repertoire of games under their belt. With Smilegate’s years of experience in successful game development, the company is looking to create an […]

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AntVR First Look at E3

It’s day two at E3, and we are pleased to say that it has been just as exciting as day one. Today, we had an opportunity to meet with Andrew from AntVR to discuss their cross platform, open-source virtual reality headset. Some of you may be asking, “why another VR headset?” We already have Oculus, […]

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E3: PPGun First Look

It’s day one of E3, and we have already seen some exciting stuff! E3 can be a bit overwhelming at times, as you are surrounded by flashing lights, huge displays, and a plethora of new games. However, we managed to find our way over to PPGun to demo their unique gun controller. The PPGun is […]

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