BitBite: Would you Wear it?



Here at TechSmash we are continually looking for interesting technology. Lately, we have featured some crazy wearable technology like AIM, wearable microchips, and AIRE. Now we are adding one of the latest IndieGoGo projects known as BitBite. Bitbite is a device that monitors how much food you eat, what type of food you eat, as well as how fast you eat your food. Bitbite then analyzes this data, and provides real-time diet coaching based on your eating habits.  

Check out this video to understand the capabilities of BitBite:




What allows BitBite to stick out amongst some of the "crazy" tech we have featured lately its its design. Unlike the AIM, which wraps around your ear, BitBite is simple, small, and packed with great features. Currently, the device is up for pledge on IndieGoGo.

We dig the design, and hope you do as well. If it's something you're interested in, you can Pledge (donate money towards its development and release) on the IndieGoGo website. As of this email, they had only reached 54% of their goal still requiring just over $27,000 dollars in funding in order to develop and release the device.

Do you like the design? Dig the features? Would we catch you walking down the street wearing a BitBite? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below. 

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3 comments on “BitBite: Would you Wear it?”

  1. Abe Kashiwagi Reply

    I dig the design, I’m just wondering if it will do what is days it will do, lol.

  2. Jack Reply

    Looks very very uncomfortable. And thinking of that stucked in my ear all day long… No thanks.

  3. eliaz Reply

    Looks cool, i would wear something like that if i thought it can do me good (glad i don’t need too anyway…)

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