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Kaspersky Cracks CoinVault

Russian security firm Kaspersky has released a new tool in the fight against ransomware, a family of malware that holds every non-system file on a computer for ransom in exchange for Bitcoin currency. Ransomware brings a whole new meaning to digital extortion. Kaperski’s new tool decrypts the ransomed files and removes all traces of the malware […]

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Amazon Adds Machine Learning To Web Services

Amazon, one of the largest purveyors of web services to business and consumers alike, has announced that it will be adding machine learning integration into its web services. Over the years, the company has gotten quite good at suggesting products to you based on your past purchases using their machine learning algorithm. Additionally, Amazon has […]

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Bitglass Sees Into the Dark Web

A recent experiment by Bitglass, a security firm, has shown just how quickly anyone’s data can proliferate through the cyber underground. To do this, the company made up 1,568 unique names, credit card and Social Security numbers, as well as addresses and phone numbers. Then, they loaded them into a watermarked spreadsheet that would check in […]

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