About TechSmash

About TechSmash

TechSmash represents a conglomeration of passion for technology. We're obsessed with the ways in which technology can change lives. Every day lives are saved as a result of technology. Endearing selfies are taken by grandmothers while driving on the freeway at 35 MPH. What is there not to like about tech?

We want to help you make smart decisions about the technology that you buy, inform you of the latest and greatest tech around, and help you leverage that tech beyond your wildest dreams. That's why our mission statement is: To help EVERYONE improve their lives through technology. A little lofty, I know, but get ready to become a Smasher, the best tech users on the planet! We're here to help.

About the Editors:

Ryan Egan

Tech Lover Extraordinaire

Ryan has been passionate about technology since basically the day he was born. It all began when his father offered to pay him five dollars to install Windows 3.1. That task took hours and over 50 floppy disks. That was only the beginning. He was then introduced to the Gameboy, then the Palm Pilot. Twenty years later, he still spends all of his time reading tech news and reviews, it's about time he used that energy and passion for a good purpose. Plus, this gives him an excuse to have all the latest tech. His new favorite saying, "It's just business honey" 😉

Curtis Wallen


Curtis was born inside the world's largest computer. The first air that he breathed was mustered with bits of motherboard. His first word was binary. He refused to eat Spagettios because it defied the laws of binary and did not have the 1's along with the 0's. While incredibly techy, he also has the suave he needs to woo his wife into an 80 inch television.

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